Giuseppe Chiaravalli, chartered accountant, decided to found his own firm after years of collaboration with leading firms in Milan, in conjunction with the tax reform. He started his own firm in Milan, Corso Europa 10 and began working as an independent professional together with a secretary specializing in accounting. During the ’70s the firm broadened its customer base. The country was going through profound changes driven by small and medium enterprises. With the tax reform, the VAT decree that replaced IGE (i.e. general tax on income), the presidential decrees that introduced IRPEF, i.e. the personal income tax, and IRPEG, i.e. the corporate income tax, new professional opportunities

were created. The number of clients increased and the firm grew. Giuseppe Chiaravalli is the founder of the Firm and the one who laid the groundwork for expansion. In 1990 the partnership was established and, soon after, additional new employees entered.

Studio Chiaravalli Reali Associati Dottori Commercialisti

After a few years of specialization at another firm, Andrea Chiaravalli, chartered accountant, joined his father in 1990 and the partnership was established. Over ten years of hard work, the firm not only changed location but grew, boasting two partners and more than ten employees in 2000. The firm became well-known and now had a national and international clientele. Andrea Chiaravalli, graduated from Bocconi in 1989, transformed the firm contributing the technological innovation and culture of a multinational company.

The next decade saw growing markets. Stock markets around the world were growing and companies equipped themselves with the new tools of corporate finance (LBO, Private Equity, M&A). David Reali, chartered accountant, who for years had held the position of tax manager in a successful listed group and college friend of Andrea Chiaravalli, entered the partnership. CHREA was born.

Studio Chiaravalli Reali Associati Dottori Commercialisti

In 2000, CHREA was ready to face the market with the experience of professionals who for years had worked alongside entrepreneurs in the company, in production departments and in offices where the accounting was done by hand, with the experience of those who had given assistance to international investors who were taking the first steps in Italy and introduced technology in professional firms.

In 2012, CHREA grew further and in order to strengthen its management, Alessandro Maruffi, chartered accountant, became an associate after joining the firm eight years earlier as a collaborator and distinguishing himself in particular as a scholar and for his organizational skills, deep knowledge of tax law and excellence in execution.

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