The Firm Chiaravalli Reali e Associati (“CHREA”) is a professional partnership composed of members of the Italian Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts. The Firm has specific expertise in business administration, business law, economic, financial, fiscal and administrative matters.

Studio Chiaravalli Reali Associati Dottori CommercialistiIn its present configuration, the Firm represents the continuity of the values of professionalism and competence that were established by the original Firm in the late ‘60s.

CHREA has extensive experience in the area of tax assistance, which is provided both to Italian and foreign companies that invest and operate on Italian national territory and can also count on a strong network of relationships with several foreign Firms, still keeping its Italian identity.

CHREA assists its clients with quality services based on personal customer relations, responding to the needs of an increasingly complex market and pursuing integrated and customized services.

The professionals at CHREA have acquired particular expertise in the field of Private Equity, M&A, retail chains, advertising communication, energy, aviation, real estate, as well as in the banking, financial and fiscal branch of asset management. CHREA has also developed an in-depth knowledge of conventions against double taxation, transfer pricing policies, as well as cost-sharing agreements and cash flows of dividends, royalties and interest between parties located in different EU or non-EU countries.

Moreover, the Firm’s professionals lend their assistance to clients during tax audits, investigations, self-defense, tax mediation and litigation and before the Regional Tax Commission.Studio Chiaravalli Reali Associati Dottori Commercialisti

Embracing the values of professional ethics, quality of service and efficiency, in recent years CHREA has acquired more and more clients and reputation as one of the “new names” on the national scene of Tax firms.

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